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Neslo Manufacturing

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AboutNeslo Manufacturing

Since 1947, Neslo Manufacturing has provided one of the most quality-minded, durable demountable systems in the market. The company was founded by Norman Olsen, who designed, developed and manufactured this unique demountable wall system for the office industry.

Through the years he has expanded the development of the system by adding trim components to meet the different panel thicknesses that these systems can offer. He also developed other systems for various marketplaces including industrial, hospital, computer rooms, laboratories, and clean rooms. Neslo has expanded over the years into international markets and has sold millions of feet of demountable wall systems worldwide.

Today, Neslo continues to expand into the 21st Century with the development of new components to our quality wall systems. We have recently developed a non-metallic system using a fiberglass stud system, with an FRP or PVC type panel and PVC trim components, which will certainly attract interest in the pharmaceutical, bio-med, food, and laboratory industries by providing one of the first non-corrosive demountable wall systems. Please join us on a journey through our web site that will give you a better understanding of our capabilities...