ProJect Pharmaceutics GmbH

ProJect Pharmaceutics GmbH

Fraunhoferstra├če 22 D, Martinsried, Bavaria, 82152, Germany

AboutProJect Pharmaceutics GmbH


ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms all kinds of chemical and biological ingredients into pioneering drugs. We are experts in formulation science and pharmaceutical process development with special emphasis on recombinant proteins, ADCs / cytotoxics and live virus vaccines.

Adding value to our customers’ bio-therapeutic products is our daily business. We design optimized pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems that provide highest safety levels at maximum convenience.

We develop cost-effective fill and finish processes, tailor-made for the drug formulation and the delivery system of choice, and transfer them from our pilot lab to large-scale manufacturing. The ability to develop Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) by combining protein formulation and process know-how with cytotoxic drug expertise puts ProJect Pharmaceutics in a unique position within the biopharmaceutical industry.

New safety facilities up to GMO S2 and BSL-2 classification in dedicated labs and a profound understanding of the challenges when formulating and processing live virus vaccines enables ProJect Pharmaceutics to provide specific solutions for this group of for this group of highly complex products.