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Schreiner Group

Bruckmannring 2285764 OberschleissheimGermany

AboutSchreiner Group

International High-Tech Company

As an internationally active high-tech company, we are mostly a strategic partner for our customers in the markets healthcare, mobility, general industry and government security. Our core business is innovative high-tech labels and functional parts. We increase the added value for our customers through suitable system solutions and services.

Managing Director Roland Schreiner

“Schreiner Group is a value-oriented family business. We think and act sustainably and achieve joint success as a strategic partner to our customers. Our high-end products are characterized by special technological innovations and outstanding quality.”

High-Tech Labels for the Healthcare Industry

Multifunctional specialty labels and self-adhesive marking solutions with value-added benefits for the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and clinical research.

Schreiner MediPharm

Schreiner MediPharm – Your Solutions Partner for Innovative Pharmaceutical Labels

The Schreiner MediPharm Business Unit develops and produces innovative pharmaceutical labels for the Healthcare Industry. Our product solutions optimize processes, simplify medication application and enhance product and patient safety.

With a high level of solutions competence and sound know-how, we are a high-performance development partner and reliable quality supplier to the largest pharmaceutical companies around the world. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are familiar with the market-specific needs and requirements. Based on this, we design all products and services application-specific and customized for the Pharmaceutical IndustryMedical Technology and Clinical Trials.

The Schreiner Group in Numbers:

  • 1,200Employees
  • 7,000,000High-tech labels per day
  • 200Million Euro annual turnover

Business Units Specialists in the Network

Schreiner Group combines three business units, each of which is characterized by specific customer and market know-how. Under the umbrella of Schreiner Group, the business units use the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experience and access the specific technologies of the five competence centers. On this basis, they develop intelligent solutions that offer additional benefits, simplify processes and reduce costs.

Our Vision and Mission

200 million euros in annual sales, 1,200 employees, and some seven million hightech labels produced on every single day: Schreiner Groups success story is based especially on strategic elements such as customer intimacy and customer-focused innovation as well as on the consistently high quality and uniqueness of our products. To continue looking forward to a successful future, we require a clear set of objectives and guidance. Thats why we looked at the challenges of the future and jointly developed a motivating Vision and Mission.

Our Vision

  • Schreiner Group is the preferred partner for Healthcare, Mobility and General Industry.
  • Our high-tech labels and functional parts create smart solutions.
  • This is how we help make life healthier and safer and enhance human mobility.

The Vision describes an attractive picture of the future that were striving to achieve. Our Vision Statement (see above) summarizes the key elements and shows with which products and in which markets we want to be successful and what contribution to society we want to make as Schreiner Group. As a result, all employees have the same attractive picture of the future in their minds eye and are able to intensively identify with Schreiner Group and commit to our shared goals and interests. The Vision provides meaning and should always remind us of where we want our pathway to lead us in the longer term,” explains CEO Roland Schreiner.

The Mission on the other hand describes a companys purpose and commitment. It states in very specific terms what we want to achieve for the benefit of our customers, our employees, and, ultimately, for all of our stakeholders, and therefore provides all of us with outstanding guidance of how we should act on a daily basis,” says Roland Schreiner. Schreiner Groups Mission consists of five specific sentences—that can be found on the right-hand page along with a related symbolic image. In summary, we can say that the Vision and the Mission are the top tiers. The Strategy shows how we want to achieve our Vision and live up to our Mission. Derived from this are various overarching annual goals that in turn result in specific projects, which clearly shows that each and every employee in performing their daily job contributes to the big picture.”