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So-Low Environmental Equipment Co

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AboutSo-Low Environmental Equipment Co

Since 1959, So-Low has manufactured Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers for research, storage, and industrial needs. We also supply standard freezers, refrigerators and undercounter freezers.

Professionals all over the world have recognized the dependability and efficiency of So-Low Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers and Refrigerators. Our goal is to provide a level of quality construction, reliability and value unequaled anywhere in the world for our refrigeration systems.

So-Low Freezers

Commitment to Personalized Service

Using a personalized approach, So-Low provides a commitment to quality service for our units. Our entire company follows this same commitment, ensuring that every customer will be provided our best quality support in every aspect of a freezers life cycle. Technical assistance is provided by a Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.

Rather than using an automated system, our company uses a traditional method to provide our personalized service. With any question, you can call our main phone number (513) 772-9410 or email , and our company will respond with an actual person. With a live response, we can ensure your questions will be answered quickly and efficiently.