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Vifor Pharma Management Ltd

Flughofstrasse 61 P.O. Box 8152 Glattbrugg Switzerland

AboutVifor Pharma Management Ltd


Our vision is to be the global leader in iron deficiency and nephrology.


We strive to help patients around the world with severe, chronic and rare diseases lead better, healthier lives.


Building on our strong expertise in the treatment of iron deficiency, we continue to expand into nephrology and rare diseases


At Vifor Pharma, we are dedicated to finding the right treatment solutions for patients. Over several decades, we have proven our ability to identify and serve therapeutic areas with significant unmet medical need, successfully building on our expertise and track record to create new markets.

We have a strong and rapidly growing presence in nephrology, and we are committed to launching the next generation of therapies to truly address the full spectrum of kidney disease, with a focus on dialysis and rare disease. This is supported by our founding heritage and expertise in iron deficiency therapy, helping to support a broad range of patients in need.


Vifor Pharma is dedicated to identifying and supporting under-served therapeutic areas. As pioneers in iron-based therapies, we have, and continue to demonstrate strong scientific, regulatory and commercial expertise to identify opportunities that help create, develop and mature markets. We understand what it means to take calculated risks, and to determine the next best breakthrough for our patients and our innovative medical treatments.

As a respected industry partner, our unique business model enables us to target specific geographies and achieve direct access to patients through the capabilities, skills and infrastructure of our global partnerships. We have product license agreements with both large healthcare and small biotechnology companies, and constantly review opportunities to further broaden our portfolio.

Our pioneering spirit and our partnership-driven business model go hand-in-hand: we identify the biggest opportunities of unmet medical needs, and together with our partnerships make a positive difference for patients.

Our ability to work successfully with key partners across the world has enabled us to strengthen ties with patients, healthcare professionals and payers – to drive innovation, build awareness and allow patients access to the treatments they need and deserve. We know that our most valuable resource in helping patients is our people, and so seek to cultivate a unique, resilient and agile culture, bringing our values of Entrepreneurship, Respect and Teamwork to life. By listening to the patients we serve, and enabling our employees to achieve their full potential, we can accomplish our vision of becoming global leader in iron deficiency, nephrology and cardio-renal therapies.


At Vifor Pharma, our people are our most valuable resource. We cultivate a unique culture for an agile business, bringing our values of Entrepreneurship, Respect and Teamwork to life. We continue to leverage these, our culture and heritage, as a source of competitive advantage. We encourage employees to make an impact in their work, and to listen to the patients we serve to achieve our vision of becoming the global leader in iron deficiency, nephrology and cardiorenal therapies.