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Welcome to Vivotecnia

Vivotecnia is a fully independent European toxicology safety contract research organization (CRO) with headquarters based in Madrid, Spain. Our toxicology and safety labs were founded in 2000.

We offer services to support preclinical product development for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and product safety studies for the cosmetic, chemical and agrochemical industries.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are GLP-accredited, and the company is managed under the ISO 9001:2008 system. Vivotecnia relies on a strong process-driven environment focused on achieving the highest quality standards on tight deadlines and at competitive prices.

Our design and implementation of state-of-the-art information technologies further enhance performance and delivery. Digital access to SOPs, an incremental improvement management system and a Part 11-compliant Provantis® data acquisition system are examples of how we increase efficiency and quality deliverables.

Our laboratories and different units are perfectly equipped and, working under Good Laboratory Practices. Our animal units house rodents, dogs, rabbits, minipigs and nonhuman primates, whose choice is justified by being the best candidates for different types of preclinical studies, thus minimizing the potential risks which might arise in the human species.

Working with Vivotecnia means working with a partner. Our highly qualified study management team, with lengthy experience in both pharmaceutical and CRO industries, fully understands the challenges you face and is committed to providing the knowledge, advice and high-quality service you expect.

We aim to ensure that you achieve your goals despite the magnitude of the challenges you face. Our innovative approach to study design ensures that your study is developed optimally, cost-effectively, ethically and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our client list includes regular repeat business customers from Spain, Europe, Central America, Japan, Korea and the USA. We look forward to having you join our growing list of satisfied customers.


Our competitive edge



Excellent quality, rapid reporting and highly competitive pricing ensure a great value service



Each development project poses unique challenges, so we work with you to create a strategy that guarantees maximum scientific quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness



We invest in technology envisioning what will afford our customers value now and also in the future



Our process-based infrastructure facilitates quick and effective procedure optimization



Our unique blend of experience and intensive training allow our technical staff to constantly develop their skills and build on their experience



Our focus on scientific excellence ensures that your development program will be performed to the highest possible standards



As a small CRO, we can devote ourselves to you and your studies, and we strive to provide you with an exceptional customer experience



Besides housing rodents, lagomorphs, dogs and minipigs, we have a state-of-the-art primate facility which exceeds minimum regulatory standards and we can offer gang housing for up to 60 primates



We design our studies creatively to fulfill the unique needs of your development program



Our team of scientific experts with access to partnering consultants provides advice to help customize an efficient development program for your product that will satisfy all regulatory requirements

Animal Welfare

Institutional statement on the use of research animals

We are convinced that animal experimentation plays a fundamental role in the discovery of the underlying biological mechanisms of disease, and in the developing of medical treatments. Without research in animals, we would not have most of the medicines, antibiotics, vaccines and surgical techniques that are applied nowadays in human and veterinary medicine.

An important part of the research undertaken at Vivotecnia aims at contributing to the improvement of human health and wellbeing and is carried out thanks to the use of animals, for example during the preclinical toxicity and efficacy studies needed to bring new drugs to clinical phase. 

In accordance with current legislation, no compound can be tested on humans without having been previously tested on animals. Preclinical studies are aimed to anticipate any risk that the drug may cause in humans, so that the use of animals in experimentation is almost unavoidable.

The welfare of animals used for research purposes is of paramount relevance for Vivotecnia, and also the strict compliance and respect to the current legislation on the protection of animals used in research and for other scientific purposes, including education. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards in animal welfare, not only from the point of view of our moral responsibility on them but also because we are convinced we could not achieve research excellence without proper animal welfare. Our experiments with animals follow the legal standard and are assessed by an Ethics Committee on Animal Experimentation that promotes the use of alternative methods, the reduction in the number of animals used and the refinement in the experimental protocols applied. Not a single research project requiring the use of animals could start without the appropriate and required Ethics assessment and the eventual authorization from the competent authorities.

Vivotecnia also ensures that the personnel involved in animal care and researchers do have the adequate education and training and the required professional skills and that all resources are provided to properly keep research animals in terms of facilities, husbandry, wellbeing, and veterinary care.

All Vivotecnia work procedures are in adherence to EU Directive (2010/63/UE) and Spanish Regulation (RD 53/2013).