3408 McClelland Ave. Erie, PA 16510


Our Mission

Zeyon’s mission is to obtain business growth through individual customer service, innovation, and commitment to quality.

Our Philosophy

Quality, performance, professionalism, and profitability are not our goals — they are our standards. We view ourselves as a team, and we are all working together to create a quality product and to move forward in the industry.

Dedication to Quality

Not everyone can manufacture to ASME code standards, and we do not take our certifications lightly. Quality will take precedence at all times, for all projects.  Zeyon employees take personal pride in their work.

We Can Deliver on Projects

We recognize that our customers, suppliers, employees, and managers must all work together if we are to be successful in our projects. We communicate openly with our customers, work closely with our suppliers, and hold high standards for our production team in order to ensure that each finished product meets your needs and is delivered on time.

Custom Manufacturing and Engineering

Custom manufacturing and engineering to the ASME standard is our business.

Whether it’s your design or ours, Zeyon is the go-to solution for metal fabrication projects that are challenging to design and build. We love getting involved in those “one of a kind” engineering solutions for research, energy, power generation, and other emerging industries. Zeyon Inc. is an ASME-certified shop that prides itself on custom manufacturing and engineering solutions and working with our clientele to deliver precision results.

What we do

We design and manufacture ASME code (and non-code) pressure vessels, tanks, stirred reactor systems, air / gas ducts, piping, and miscellaneous metal fabrication. We are an ASME-certified shop that can design and build any project you can imagine. Being a custom engineering company means there are few limits to our capabilities.

Who we serve

We design and build custom solutions for a wide variety of industries — some of which include research and development, energy, biotechnology, and general construction.

What sets us apart

Zeyon is a custom engineering and fabrication company that holds itself to the highest standards, while still remaining highly competitive. We refuse to compromise quality for profit. We are accessible, friendly, and ready to help you today.