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Dividella NeoSmart with Flex Units

Dividella NeoSmart with Flex Units


Modular and extendable packaging system, so you’re not stuck on one implementation; enabling flexible and efficient production.


- clear product overview thanks to top opening

- patient guidance

- products and leaflets are easily accessible

- easily re-closable


- lower total cost of package TCP

- safe process (100% verification after loading)

- lower total cost of ownership TCO

- flexible platform

- quick format change over


- flat mono-material (cardboard) blanks (inbound)

- compact dimensions (outbound)

- product protection

- late stage customization


- flat cardboard blanks printable on both sides

- brand recognition

- sustainability (no plastic)


- tamper evident closing

- security options

- T & T

Lean production process

Short time-to-market

Market research, clinical studies or market launches demand a fast and flexible production of new packaging, often for small quantities. You can stay with the same packaging solutions from clinical trials through to established market presence.

Modular machine construction offers the maximum flexibility in the packaging of vials, syringes, injectors, ampoules, blisters and almost unlimited other pharmaceutical products. It does not matter if the products come to the cartoner directly from an upstream process, out of a tray, from a denester or are manually feed by the operator ...

All pack styles can be combined on a NeoTOP

1. Carton erecting module

The magazines for the flat blanks – partitions and carton – are positioned for high visibility and are accessed from outside. They can be filled during operation. The flat blanks are erected and glued into cartons and placed on a vacuum conveyor. The correct shape of the pack is checked and defective packs are ejected. Carton erection and partition forming are active, servomotor driven processes.

2. Product feeding by Supply and FlexUnits

3. Carton closing module

Other infeeding functions such as leaflet or booklet insertion can be accomplished on this module as well instead of using the SupplyUnits. Conform to Directive 2011/62/EU cartons can be closed in various ways, using hotmelt or labels, with or without tamper-evidence – see above examples – and finally, packs which have not been confirmed as correct at all stations are ejected.

Boosting efficiency to new heights – Dividella FlexUnit


  • All packaging components are counted & reconciled
  • Offline setup incl preloading of components to Supply Units
  • Future upgrades with new Supply Units
  • Software Intervention on the machine
  • As less as possible change parts
  • Robot can exchange change parts provided on Supply Unit
  • No adjustment and system tweak required
  • Optional support for line clearance through vision system t.b.d.

Flex Unit

  • Fully integrated with B&R hardware and controls
  • Embedded software for motion, safety & visualization

Supply Units

  • On wheels
  • Control cabinet
  • Own intelligence
  • 500 or 1000 mm
  • Contains the format corresponding tool
  • Can be pre-loaded offline (amount of products according batch, automatic reconciliation)
  • Serialization on product level possible

Start Batch

  • Minimal time for batch setup
  • No initial fill operation
  • First product after setup = a good commercial product


End of Batch

  • Magazines on FlexUnit can be run completely empty if required (e.g put 100 Vials on it to produce 100 boxes rework from reject possible)
  • Last product is a good commercial product.


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