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Dividella Security Features Packaging

Dividella Security Features Packaging

The Dividella NeoTOP pack style allows the integration of a number of protection features – conform to Directive 2011/62/EU

Körber has been concerned with guaranteeing originality for many years and has solved the problem quite simply by applying a spot of hot-melt glue in the right place.

If the box has been opened, this is immediately apparent to the user – and it involves virtually no extra machine costs and has no effects at all on the performance of our packaging machinery. This solution can be applied for the box, placing a glue spot on one or all the 3 flaps of the carton before the fully automated, inline closing.

With smart package design, we can not only apply tamper evidence for the outer carton but for the individual products in the pack as well. As an alternative for the TE glue spot we can also apply a tamper evident label inline, after the closing process.

The unique NeoTOP pack style, which is hard to manufacture without any machine, can also be considered as lower level of Brand Protection.

Standard tamper evident closing features:

The tuck in flap plus the dust flaps are glued and need to be broken to open the carton. This can be accomplished by applying glue spots or glue strips.

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