Dividella AG

Dividella AG

a Körber Group company
Werdenstrasse 76, 9472 Grabs, SWITZERLAND

AboutDividella AG

Dividella is a long-standing pharmaceutical packaging company offering a variety of solutions to pivotal names in the industry since 1978. For over three decades, the organization has been deftly mastering its Top Loading Process, which was first developed in 1985, and retaining its status of a reliable and qualitative solution provider.

By using mono-material and offering carton-based packaging, they have succeeded in affording environment-friendly and high-performance solutions. Their services are known to be cost-effective. Dividella’s machinery is technically crafted to be perceptive as well as primed for future requirements.

The core ideology behind the company is to refrain from any compromises when it comes to the quality of their products and services. They view their relationship with the customer as a partnership and hold the organization personally responsible for the final output.

Dividella’s wide array of services includes:

  • Providing new or updated format parts for systems which are not yet in production.
  • Retrofitting lines and creating new product configurations.
  • Offering optimized maintenance on a half-yearly or yearly basis with a complete provision of spare parts as a preemptive measure against unscheduled down-time.
  • Training the staff and monitoring the production with the help of Dividella’s engineers and technicians.
  • Complete packaging development for innumerable pharmaceutical products.
  • Production of packaging sample and small quantities for market research or clinical studies.

As soon as the final desired result is determined by the customer, Dividella takes charge of every part of the procedure from the outset. Starting from the ideal layout of the entire line, the technical specification of all interfaces, the organization and implementation of all test runs, to the successful FAT of the packaging line, Dividella meets every challenge and fulfills every demand, thereby acting as general contractor and taking on the entire responsibility of the successful realization of the project.

Apart from these, the organization offers the following key solutions to their clientele:

  • TOPLoading solutions for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Dividella finds solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products using its patented top-loading method which forms the basis of the continual evolution of their solutions. These solutions are uniquely characterized by sustainable, patient-friendly and environmentally conscious concepts.
  • Feeding Systems for Pharma packaging systems.
  • Utilizing its particular expertise in this area as fuel for newer inventions, Dividella has already developed many different customised feed systems linked to upstream machines. These systems are used in many different applications, field-tested and further developed to guarantee maximum operational reliability.

Awarded For Cutting Costs:

Compliance in packaging design translates to cost savings. This is well comprehended by Dividella AG and achieved through their modular and flexible Pharma top- loading cartoners. Precisely for this reason, the Pharma packaging solutions offered by Dividella exhibit the following features:

  • Flat blanks for carton and partition - printable on all sides.
  • Safe automated erecting of pack
  • Safe loading process (100% verification after loading)

This proves to be rather advantageous for the Pharma companies and their customers, influencing the complete production and logistical process as well as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Total Cost of Package (TCP).

For this attention to detail with respect to the fiscal issues faced throughout the production process, Dividella was awarded 1st place Ameristar Packaging Award in 2013 and World Star Award 2013/2014 - Sanofi Pasteur.

In 2012, the company launched its most innovative machine, Neo Top x, which redefined flexibility in the packaging of parenterals.  This was preceded by the NeoTop 104 and NeoTop 804 in 1990 and 1996 respectively. Together, they outline an unmatched series of machinery that has enabled Dividella to carve a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical packaging solutions trade.