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Saurus - Industrial Vacuum Pump

Saurus - Industrial Vacuum Pump

The industrial vacuum pumps are unique in reliability, performance and consumption. Italvacuum specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of vacuum pumps for laboratories and vacuum pumps for  pharmaceuticals and vacuum dryers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and food industry.

The laboratory high vacuum pumps are simply designed machine that combines traditional robustness and reliability with the most evolved technology. Ensuring total recovery of extracted solvents, even in severe operating conditions.

Best results, minimum operating costs
Saurus939 guarantees unrivalled performances in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, with low-energy motors and economical, easy maintenance.

  • Nominal flow rate up to 3800 m3/h
  • Vacuum level up to 0,03 mbar

Oil consumption virtually eliminated, with Lubrizero®
The exclusive LubriZero® system ensures perfect operation and best performance with negligible oil consumption.

Uncontaminated vacuum
Powerful, efficient, but absolutely safe: Saurus939 guarantees optimum safety through the whole process and complete purity of the final product. In other words, ensures an uncontaminated vacuum.

All the quality of a special machinery

  • Maximum robustness in any work environment
  • Constant recovery of extracted solvents
  • Lower operating costs than any other vacuum technology
  • Uncontaminated vacuum and complete purity of final product
  • Total respect for the environment

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