Italvacuum S.r.l.

Italvacuum S.r.l.

Via Stroppiana, 3
10071 Borgaro (Turin),ITALY

AboutItalvacuum S.r.l.

Established in 1939, Italvacuum is an international manufacturer of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The company’s manufacturing capabilities include a wide range of original and patented products that comply with the main European regulations (EC, ATEX and PED) and with the ever more severe FDA rules and cGMP norms:

  • Horizontal paddle dryers
  • Rotary double cone dryers / pulverizers
  • Tray dryers with extractable shelves
  • Lab-scale tray drying ovens
  • Vacuum pumps for continuous recovery of extracted solvents.

Italvacuum also offers a wide range of services:

  • Engineering
  • Pilot trials
  • Customer service.

Italvacuum is able to provide turnkey installations and also to realize bespoke systems that are built according to customer’s requirements. Top quality, safety and productivity in any application, with a special care for sustainability and total respect for the environment.

Italvacuum has a presence all over the world, with a continually growing number of installations in both consolidated markets and emerging areas, a tangible sign of the company’s reliability.