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Criox System - Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Criox System - Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Powdering while drying
CRIOX® System: The only rotary vacuum dryer with electric lump breakers.

CRIOX, an international patent with more than 400 units operating in more than 30 countries, is the ideal rotary vacuum dryer / rotary vacuum pulverizer for drying wet powders after centrifugation or filtering processes. The only rotary vacuum powderer with electric lump breakers.

Shape designed for best results
The central body consists of a double-cone rotary chamber which ensures full and continuous revolving of the mass to be dried, coupled to highly homogeneous and uniform mixing.

No lumps
Two electric lump breakers inside the chamber grind and pulverize the drying mass for minimum subsequent mill intervention. This helps having bulk products ready for bagging or powders with checked final particle size distribution, where the next operation is often limited to a sifting phase.

A mix of power and intelligence for maximum quality and productivity
CRIOX System is multi-product, suitable for the widest range of crystal or amorphous products, and it is multi-purpose, equally effective as mixer or homogenizer. It is also profitable, as it drastically reduces times required to re-establish the line, wash, clean and inspect the plant prior to product change.

From lab to installation:
The best way to choose the right industrial pulverizer system

Italvacuum has two in-house CRIOX pilot systems for semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests on customer products. Pilot tests are used to analyze product samples and instantly alter process parameters to determine ideal drying cycle pattern.

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