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Hipertec Roof

Hipertec Roof

Hipertec Roof

Self-supporting Insulation Panel

Self-supporting insulation panel insulated with rockwool for roof and wall applications, which require a high degree of fire resistance and high degree sound insulation.

The HIPERTEC ROOF panel, manufactured in accordance with a system patented by Metecno, consists of a profiled external steel sheet and an internal micro-ribbed steel sheet, with an insulation core of orientated fibre high density rockwool, arranged perpendicularly to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversely compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the space between the metal facings.

Resistance to fire

Resistance to fire is the ability of the building element to limit the spread of flame, and retain the integrity of the thermal insulation for a period of time. The performance of panel systems when tested is expressed in minutes from ignition to the conclusion of the test, which is determined as the failure point atwhich the panels ceases to complywith the requirements ofthe specific test.

Reaction to fire

Reaction to fire is the degree in which a material resists combustion. In regard to this, materials are assigned a class (0 through 5), the higher the class, the higher the degree of combustion.

Sound Insulation

The sound insulation of a material (for example, a panel) is given by the ability to reduce the passage of sound energy between two locations. valuation indices of Rw = 29-30 dB. The HIPERTEC ROOF panel has been tested to UNI 8270/7 and ISO 717/82 standards and, for the thicknesses 50-80-100 mm, obtained valuation indices of Rw = 29-30 dB.

The HIPERTEC ROOF panels, thicknesses 50 – 80 – 100 mm, tested:

  •    At the Instituto Giordano S.p.A., pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 26/6/84, have been classified 0/1 for reaction to fire, both in the roof position and in the wall position.
  •    At the MPA Dresden according to EN 13823 and EN 11925-2 for reaction to fire, have been classified, according to EN 13501-1 as A S D .

Since the panel consists of two steel facings with a layer of rockwool insulation sandwiched between, the Class O refers to the external surfaces, with Class 1 referring to the insulation core. Tests have been also made at foreign Institutes with the following results:

Germany: Panel class B1, insulation class A1 – France: class M0.

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