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Hipertec Wall

Hipertec Wall

Hipertec Wall

Self-supporting insulation panel insulated with rockwool for wall and partition applications, which require a high degree of fire resistance and acoustic insulation.

The HIPERTEC WALL panel, manufactured in accordance with a system patented by Metecno, consists of two micro-ribbed steel sheets, with an insulation core of orientated fibre high density rockwool, arranged perpendicularly to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversely compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the space between the metal facings.

Resistance to fire

The fire-resistance of a product is measured by means of a furnace brought up to a temperature of more than 1000°C in accordance with a given standardised curve. The test measures the products capacity to conserve time through certain significant parameters.

Reaction to fire

Reaction to fire is the degree in which a material resists combustion. With regard to this, materials are assigned a class (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5): the higher the class, the higher the degree of combustion. HIPERTEC® WALL panels, thicknesses 50 – 80 -100 mm, tested:

  • At the Instituto Giordano S.p.A., pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 26/6/84, were classified 0/1 for reaction to fire in the wall position.
  • At the MPA Dresden according to EN 13823 and EN 11925-2 for reaction to fire, have been classified, according to EN 13501-1 as A2 S1 D0. Since the panel consists of two steel sheets with a layer of rockwool inbetween, the class 0 refers to the external parameter and the class 1 to the insulation. Tests have been also madeat foreign Institutes with the following results:

Germany: Panel class B1, insulation class A1 – France: class M0.

Sound Insulation

The sound insulation of a material (for example, a panel) is given by the ability to reduce the passage of sound energy between two locations. valuation indices of Rw = 29-30 dB. The HIPERTEC ROOF panel has been tested to UNI 8270/7 and ISO 717/82 standards and, for the thicknesses 50-80-100 mm, obtained valuation indices of Rw = 29-30 dB.

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