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BenchTop Autoclaves

BenchTop Autoclaves

You can be small of stature without being a pip-squeak or pushover. Priorclave’s vertical & benchtop autoclaves pack the performance and quality construction of a full-size, freestanding industrial autoclave into a footprint that fits any workspace. A quality research-grade benchtop autoclave offers all the flexibility, ease-of-use, and reliability that a small lab needs. Our compact tabletop sterilizer units offer plug-n-play simplicity, but come with fully featured programmable control systems. They are perfect for media prep, liquid, and waste loads. A great fit for shared facilities and education.


All too often labs shopping for benchtop research-grade autoclaves end up being sold either a glorified pressure cooker or a low-end tabletop medical sterilizers.  The former lack the programmable controls a lab needs (in fact, they often lack even the rudimentary controls of a toaster oven). The latter are made with lightweight plumbing, pressure vessels, and electrical systems that aren’t up to research tasks. Since they were originally intended for dental offices and other clinics, their control systems are often limited to a few pre-programmed, FDA-approved cycles. “Low-cost” dental-style benchtop autoclaves used for daily research tasks often begin to break down in just 24 months, and rarely last longer than five years.

Premium Benchtop Sterilizers or Benchtop Laboratory Sterilizers

For more than 25 years Priorclave has been building some of the world’s finest research-grade sterilizers. Our 40L Benchtop and 60L Benchtop compact research-grade autoclaves feature fully customizable digital control systems, ASME-stamped chambers, and are backed by an unparalleled 36-month parts and labor warranty.

Standard Features

  • Programmable Tactrol® 2 Control System with simple "one-touch" start
  • Customizable Freesteaming, Load Cooling, Media Warming, and Delayed Start
  • PED-certified 316L Stainless Steel Chamber and Door
  • Quickseal Single-Action Interlocking Safety Door—cannot be opened unsafely
  • Full width stainless steel anti-tip Loading Shelves
  • Biomaster™ Antimicrobial Surfaces

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