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Top Loading Autoclave Machine

Top Loading Autoclave Machine

Our #1 top-sellers worldwide! Why? Because vertical top loading autoclaves can accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors at one-third the price of a comparable front-loading autoclave. Priorclave’s top loading autoclaves are among the most compact full-size units on the market today.  Compared to similar-sized medical-grade rectangular-vessel units, cylindrical autoclaves are easier to operate, less expensive to maintain, and more reliable over a longer working life.


Top loading autoclaves are very popular internationally and in for life-science research. Not only do they easily accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors, they’re also excellent for waste processing, especially in large batches (pop the lid and drop in the bag, just like a rubbish bin).

By relying on ultra-efficient cylindrical pressure vessels, Priorclave has engineered top loading autoclaves that feature large capacities, low loading heights, small footprints, and low lifetime operating costs. Every Priorclave is custom built in our London factory, specifically to handle your applications.  All table top sterilizers can be outfitted for “gravity” or vacuum cycles, with in-chamber or independent heating. They come supplied with a stainless steel load support plate and stainless steel mesh baskets for optimal steam circulation. All models include the most current version of our full-featured, fully-programmable Tactrol Control System.

Does your facility or process pose formidable power, programming, or steam generation challenges? We specialize in custom-engineered solutions and are eager to discuss how best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Standard Features of a Top Load Autoclave Machine

  • Programmable Tactrol® 2 Control System with simple "one-touch" start
  • Customizable Freesteaming, Load Cooling, Media Warming, and Delayed Start
  • ASME-certified 316L Stainless Steel Chamber and Door
  • Quickseal Single-Action Interlocking Safety Lid—cannot be opened unsafely
  • Stainless Steel Loading Baskets in a vertical autoclave machine 
  • Biomaster™ Antimicrobial Surfaces

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