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Membrane Chromatography

Membrane Chromatography

Membrane Chromatography for Protein Purification

Experience High Flow Rates for Rapid and Robust Protein Purification Techniques of Biomolecules

High quality devices for efficient concentration and purification of proteins, protein extraction and virus particles, as well as polishing and collection of analytes.

Features of Chromatography for Protein Purification

96-Well Plates

Sartobind® 96-well plates consist of individual 8-strips and are ideal tools for the screening of chromatography operating conditions.

Capsules (Scale Down Devices)
Ideal for the removal of DNA, viruses, endotoxins and protein contaminants. 4 mm bed height capsules with ion exchange and salt tolerant membranes.

Chromatography Spin Columns
Fast and easy protein, DNA and virus purification or fractionation with sample volumes from 0.5 mL to 20 mL and a binding capacity of 4 to 80 mg.

Lab Units (Not Scalable)
Ready-to-use membrane adsorber units for ion exchange chromatography with membrane adsorbers and syringe filters for rapid and easy sample handling.

Membrane Sheets
Macroporous cellulose-based membranes for IEX, metal chelate or (pseudo-) affinity chromatography with large molecule capacity at high flow rates.

Vacuum Manifolds
Designed for 96-well plates, easily configured manifolds have quick release fittings for set-up free flow-to-waste and fraction collection.

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