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Solvias produces and commercializes a wide variety of chiral phosphine ligands and catalysts for use in catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation and many other asymmetric catalytic reactions. Several of these ligands / catalysts are used in industrial production processes.

Visit our Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform for detailed information on ligands and catalysts, catalytic applications and more.

The most commonly used ligand families, Josiphos, Walphos, Mandyphos, Taniaphos and Ubaphox, are offered from gram to kilogram (kg) quantities under an IP-included kg-price. Our catalogue includes 10 ligand families with a total of 100 derivatives (R and S enantiomers). Additional ligands and derivatives can be produced on request.

In addition to chiral ligands, we offer efficient C-X coupling ligands (Solvias ligands / catalysts as well as cataCXium® ligands in-licenced from Evonik).

For commercial processes, all Solvias ligands are licensed without any general restrictions or further obligation such as custom production agreements. Ligands are sold with attractive IP models ranging from an 'all-inclusive' kg price (IP included) to a regular royalty-based licensing model. Please contact us directly to order commercial quantities: +41 61 845 60 00 or

Small quantities of the ligands can be purchased from our distributors (Sigma-Aldrich or Strem). Larger quantities can be ordered directly from Solvias.

The actual catalysts are metal complexes that are prepared from ligands and appropriate metal precursors. Solvias has a partnership with Umicore for all metal-related requirements.

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