Römerpark 2, Kaiseraugst, Aargau, 4303


The name Solvias is derived from the Latin terms ‘solutio’ and ‘via’ – it is our promise to explore new ways to find solutions that fulfill your requirements. Building on a profound foundation of experience from a large multinational pharmaceutical company Solvias was formed in 1999 as a management buy-out.

The international expansion was accelerated in 2013 with the acquisition of Confarma, adding new capabilities and QC release activities as well as extended reach into the Medtech and Cosmetics industries.

Our great heritage in the pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and fine chemicals sectors is complemented by Confarma’s biological expertise in serving the BioPharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics markets.


We help our customers bring better and safer products to the market faster.


Our values are Respect, Responsibility and Reliability. We measure all our behaviours and actions against these basic values. We are responsible for our actions, and actively use feedback to learn and grow as teams and individuals.