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MAGMA warp tying machine

MAGMA warp tying machine

MAGMA warp tying machine

MAGMA is the specialist for tying coarse and technical yarns. Utmost flexibility is guaranteed by the singe/double knot function. Double-end detection is achieved by an optical system to reduce fiber handling to a minimum. A yarn separation system with tubes and hook separates yarns from warp sheets with a 1:1 lease. No special adjustments or yarn-specific elements (yarn separating needles) are necessary. Adapting MAGMA to different warp sheets is quick and easy. All key functions are displayed on a color touchscreen to ensure a constant overview of the process.


Optoelectronic double-end detection

  • Optical sensors check every separated yarn pair before tying. With the micro-electronic control system, yarns are not cut when double ends are detected.


  • Technical fibers like PP-tapes, aramid fibers, and monofilament yarns can be tied without extensive adjustments. Cotton, cotton/synthetic blends, and wool in a yarn count range from approx. 2,000 tex - 20 tex can also be tied.
  • The single and double knot function is included as a standard feature.


  • Optoelectronic double-end detection prevents deviant yarns on the weaving machine, thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine. This feature is a standard function. Greatly reduced double ends and high quality of the warp sheet lead to increased efficiency of the weaving machine.


  • Yarn types – cotton, wool, linen, mono- and multifilament, PP tapes, technical yarns of all sorts
  • Yarn count range – in warps with a 1:1 lease from Nm 0.5 - 50 / tex 2,000 - 20

Extraordinary application field

Its specific set-up/construction makes the MAGMA tying machine the specialist for PP tape and technical warp yarn tying. Weavers producing big bags for transport made of pp tape warps without lease will be enchanted by the automated tying process.

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