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OPAL multi-layer leasing machine

OPAL multi-layer leasing machine

OPAL multi-layer leasing machine

A perfect 1:1 lease is the basis for excellent working perfor¬mance in drawing-in and warp tying process. Stäubli offers the OPAL multi-layer leasing machine for the insertion of two 1:1 leases into one warp sheet, which may consist of one or more and up to eight yarn layers separated by separation cords. 

OPAL is ensuring a perfect yarn order and sequencing of yarn colours which makes this automation solution the perfect companion for creative designers in the shirting industry processing fancy warps.


  • Available for three warp widths: up to 230 cm, up to 280 cm, up to 360 cm.
  • Insertion of two 1:1 leases into one warp sheet
  • Yarn sequencing (yarn type and/or colour) in exact accordance with the style repeat
  • Yarn separation process by vacuum gripper (no separation needle)
  • Simple, sure and fast subsequent processing of the warp
  • Optimal ergonomics, pictograms, and context-sensitive assistance messages support operating personnel in handling and programming.


  • Automation of manual / semi-automatic processes
  • Optimum utilisation of automatic drawing-in machines and tying machines
  • Preparation of high-quality warp sheets
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Easy integration into any weaving mill


  • Staple fibre yarns, filament yarns
  • Nm 3 - 1,125 / Tex 333 - 0.9 / Denier 3,000 – 8


Uni-coloured warp, single yarn layer

Uni-colour filament or cotton warp, single layer, from the assembly machine. Optional “Colour Repeat Management” is unnecessary.

Mixed-coloured warp, multiple yarn layers

Mixed-coloured cotton warp with 8 layers, 1 of which is multicoloured. The 8 layers are separated by separating cords. Optional “Colour Repeat Management” is necessary.

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