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SAFIR S40 for denim and cotton fabrics

SAFIR S40 for denim and cotton fabrics

SAFIR S40 for denim and cotton fabrics

The SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in system is ideal for processing standard fabrics made of coarse-to-medium yarns such as denim fabrics, bed linens, shirting fabrics, and leisure wear fabrics. The system is designed for medium-to-high drawing-in capacity and meets the highest quality standards for the drawn-in weaving harness.

Consisting of a mobile drawing-in machine and one or ideally more stationary drawing-in stations, the system fully automatically draws the yarn into the reed, drop wires, and healds with up to 8/12 carrier rods or 8/12 heald frames. The final product is the warp with yarn sheet completely drawn into the healds, drop wires, and reed. Using a suitable harness truck, the compact unit is transported to the weaving machine and laid in or temporarily parked in a storage area.

This system design provides very high drawing-in performance while allowing maximum flexibility in the placement of the system within the existing space. Adaptation to the material flows within the mill is optimal.


  • Optimal ergonomics, pictograms, and context-sensitive assistance messages support operating personnel in handling and programming.
  • The system can be integrated into any weaving mill. The space requirements are minimal, and the system can be optimally positioned in a variety of set ups.
  • For 2-beam DENIM applications, a Layer- & Offset Management option with four clamping rails is available; supporting highest performance in the warp processing.


  • Cotton and blended yarns (carded, combed) 
  • Wools (worsted yarns, woolen yarns)
  • 4.5–200 tex, Ne 130–3.0, 45–2,000 dtex, 40–1,800 den, Nm 220–5

Maximum productivity with Active Warp Control

The purpose of the Stäubli cutting edge technology “Active Warp Control” (AWC) is the 100% controlled identification and handling of warp yarns in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability for an efficient downstream weaving process. In its standard version, the SAFIR S40 is equipped with Double End Detection making weavers benefit from faultlessly drawn in harness. Additional options – depending on the application – e.g. Repeat Detection and/or Repeat Management (for color or S-/Z-direction), are available.

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