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Automotive desiccant bags

Automotive desiccant bags

Automotive desiccant bags

Customised solutions to protect automotive components against moisture. In addition to desiccant solutions for mobile and fixed air-conditioning systems in cars, trucks, buses and vans, which professionally protect against moisture problems /related to cooling systems, TROPACK desiccant bags are also used to protect electric and alternative vehicle engines and their components.

As desiccants designed for use in air-conditioners, these bags contain molecular sieves made by leading manufacturers, and tested and approved for the automotive industry (IMDS registration and tolerance studies available). In addition to these molecular sieves, white gel and clay have also established themselves as other possible desiccants for electric engines.

The special non-woven bag material used in air-conditioning systems meets the highest quality requirements (appropriate tests for aging, stability and tolerance available). We also offer a wide range of standard dust-proof fleeces for other automotive-related applications.

Benefits for you

  • Highly resistant non-woven
  • Extreme seam resistance on bags (including as tubuluar bag compared to a four-sided seam)
  • Suitable as a filter in cooling systems
  • Very low handling and installation costs
  • No corrosion
  • Increased system reliability
  • Protection for attached parts

Tracer Wafer

Automotive desiccant bags with integrated leak detection

The Tracer Wafer™ is the perfect solution to easily and reliably detect leaks in air-conditioning systems. Integrated into the bag, they contain a fluorescent dye which only enters the system through the coolant after final assembly when the air-conditioning system is started up.

  • Easy and low-cost, as no production changeover required
  • Enables an additional quality check in production
  • No additional work involved to integrate the dye into the overall system
  • Compatible with all cooling agents and lubricants, including hybrid A/C systems and the new R-1234yf  cooling agent 

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