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Container desiccant bags

Container desiccant bags

Container desiccant bags

As a reliable container desiccant, TROPAsorb® desiccant bags lower the dew point in cargo and storage containers, providing particularly effective protection against condensation at very high relative humidity, as they absorb around double of their own weight in moisture. The container desiccant bags are available with hooks and in several different sizes.

TROPAsorb® Container Dry

TROPAsorb® desiccant bags contain a desiccant developed to protect containers by intensively absorbing moisture. TROPAsorb® is specially designed to prevent rusting, corrosion, mould, mildew and other forms of moisture damage during long-haul transportation.

TROPAsorb® (Container Dry) is an effective, low-cost dehumidifier made from calcium chloride (CaCl2) and starch. In the right quantity, TROPAsorb® lowers the relative air humidity and thus also the risk of condensation build-up and moisture damage. The container desiccant is suitable for use in transportation processes lasting 45 days or longer.

TROPAsorb® bag material

The bags are made of Tyvek® (front) and polyethylene film (back).

Tyvek® is a highly robust material enabling the desiccant to efficiently absorb moisture.

The PE film on the back, meanwhile, prevents moisture soaking through from inside the saturated desiccant if the pouch comes into contact with packaging.

Depending on the quantity ordered, we can manufacture the container desiccants with your custom print (e.g. company logo).

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