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Samsung Biologics Constructs Super Plant 4 in South Korea



Samsung Biologics Constructs Super Plant 4 in South Korea


South Korea.


Samsung Biologics

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Samsung Biologics plans to open the most innovative biomanufacturing facility with the addition of super plant 4. The modern super plant 4 will be located in Incheon, South Korea.


The construction of the new, multi-story building is supposed to be the first biggest bio manufacturing facility in the world with an area covering 238,000-square-meters. In addition, it consists of bioreactors ranging from 2,000-liters, 10,000-liters, and 15,000-liters.

Super Plant 4 designed with modular features enables flexibility to some parts of the plant to begin manufacturing activities by the end of 2022. Moreover, to provide security and privacy the equipment are implemented with data integrity and cybersecurity thus ensuring secure access to information.

The facility will provide a full range of CDO, CMO, CRO processes to offer a complete one-stop service including early-stage development capabilities and large-scale commercial manufacturing.

The construction of super plant 4 is expected to be completed and start its operations in 2023.