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From humble beginnings to a global developer and manufacturer of microplate reader instrumentation

Our history begins in 1990, as the physicist Dr. Bela Gurath founded BMG LABTECH in Offenburg, Germany. He started the company as a one-man engineering office. This would become the global operating company that BMG LABTECH is today. At that time, BMG LABTECH focused on helping other companies to design components in the microplate reading and handling field.

The first three years were affected by defining the strategic orientation of the company. In this year’s, further shareholders joined, among others Dr. Thomas Räbiger who is leading the company today. The team quickly realised that they should develop their own products and set the sights on becoming “the microplate reader company” on the market.

In 1993, BMG LABTECH received a grant to develop a fluorescence measurement device. This grant was the starting shot into a successful future. In the same year BMG LABTECH launched the FLUOstar, which was the second fluorescence-based microplate reader on the market. The development and launch of the FLUOstar made the company to a pioneer in fluorescence polarisation detection. 

While we are proud of our past, we have our sights on the future. In the more than 30 years since, we have always been developing unique and innovative technologies, defending our position as a technology leader in the field. We are powered by the desire to equip scientist all over the world with the very best instrument for their research. Today, BMG LABTECH offers a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening. We have been in the business for more than 30 years now and are in very close contact with our customers and have a lot of collaborations with key clients. This close contact and the expertise of our team makes us confident to continue to stare at the forefront of the industry for the years to come!