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Bushu Pharmaceuticals

1 Takeno, Kawagoe, Saitama

AboutBushu Pharmaceuticals

We have been engaged in the contract manufacturing business of pharmaceutical products for more than 20 years, GMP certification has passed the inspections of each country in the world, and we are a company specializing in contract manufacturing for the global market with more than 56 export applicant countries.


For the development of the global healthcare industry and the health of people

As a contract manufacturer of healthcare products, Takeshu Pharmaceutical is engaged in the manufacture and provision of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

In order to achieve our customers' goals, we possess our technology and equipment capacity and continuously optimize QCD (quality, cost, distribution) in production. On top of that, we will build continuous partnerships with our customers, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, to contribute to the growth of the global medical industry and to achieve better health around the world.

Furthermore, in order to maintain and improve the development of the healthcare industry and the health of people around the world, we will take on the challenge of new fields such as support for building global supply chains and drug and device combination products.We are proud to utilize our technology, equipment, experience and know-how to deliver safe and secure healthcare products to our customers, contribute to customer success, and ultimately to patients all over the world. I am.