CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH

CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH

Denzlinger Str. 27 79312 Emmendingen Germany

AboutCARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH

As a German subsidiary of the DASIT Group, we see ourselves as a supplier for everything to do with your laboratory: from consumables and laboratory chemicals to life science products and laboratory equipment.

CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH was founded in 2020 and emerged from ENVAIR Deutschland GmbH. As a reliable partner who offers you everything from a single source for your laboratory, CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH not only has many years of experience, but also a huge product portfolio. Which is mostly manufactured directly by our French and Italian sister companies.

The DASIT Group

Numerous companies are united under the umbrella of the DASIT Group, based in Cornaredo (Milan).

The DASIT Group is represented globally with its own production and sales facilities as well as worldwide partners. The product range extends from in-vitro diagnostics to chemicals and laboratory equipment.


CARLO ERBA Reagents is a private group active in the Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals, Labware and products for the Life Science field. Headquartered in Cornaredo (Milano), Italy, CARLO ERBA Reagents is directly active with sales subsidieries in four countries (Italy, France, Germany and Spain) and serves markets all over the world. Two production plants for chemicals as well as the logistics hub are located in France.

160 years after its foundation, CARLO ERBA Reagents continues to represent a reference in the field of chemistry as well as a one-source supplier and qualified “partner in your choice” for the quality control and research laboratory of the industry and academia.

The company was established in 1853 when the enterprising Milanese pharmacist Carlo Erba decides to initiate a production laboratory. The company grew rapidly and by the death of its founder, in 1888, already shows to be one of the jewels of the European chemical and pharma industry.


We see ourselves as a supplier and partner for equipment, chemicals and services that are technically advanced, economical, safe and of the highest precision and guaranteed quality. We are jointly committed to meeting requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the management system and environmental protection. In the spirit of this common commitment, the following guiding principles apply as the supreme directive that governs the actions of management and employees.


We are a technological trendsetter in our industry. Our ambition is to bring devices to the market that improve the daily work in medical laboratories, research and industry. Our employees have a high technical competence, which is controlled every year by independent and accredited test houses.


We see ourselves as a fair and reliable supplier and partner on whom our customers can rely. Our customers are always in the focus of our actions. In order to meet our customers' individual requirements, we offer special constructions of various kinds and are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.


We offer services that lead to greater safety and quality. In this way, we make our customers more successful and ensure trust in products and processes along the value chain. The safety of both the equipment and in service and use by the customer is our top priority. Our equipment all complies with the requirements of applicable directives (CE markings) and the corresponding safety requirements.

Environmental protection

The protection of the environment and the careful use of resources are values to which we orient ourselves. It is our permanent endeavor to minimize the consumption of energy and natural raw materials. This is achieved through the conscious use of natural resources and technological advancements that reduce consumption. With our products, we are ecological pioneers in environmental protection. In addition, we are subject to constant monitoring of compliance with environmental values by the environmental management system DIN ISO 14001.