Delfin Technologies Oy

Delfin Technologies Oy

P.O. Box 1199 (Microkatu 1) 70211 Kuopio Finland

AboutDelfin Technologies Oy

Delfin Technologies’ mission is to make skin care and skin care product development safer, easier and more effective, reliable and accurate through its commitment to excellence. Customers benefit from Delfin’s innovative and scientifically proven technologies and the reliability and user-friendliness of its products. We guarantee quality that is supported with world-class customer support and after-sales service.

Since our inception, Delfin has had the privilege to work with some of the world’s top companies and professionals in skin and tissue research. Our new products have opened up numerous interesting areas of research in parallel with answering our customers’ specific research needs.

Delfin Technologies has grown into a company with global market reach where our products are now used in over 40 countries with North America, Europe and Asia representing our leading markets. We are located in Kuopio, Finland and serve our customers through our global network of distributors and representatives.

Delfin Technologies is ISO 13485:2016 certified company.