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Parle Global Engineering Solutions for Healthcare


Parle Global is an ever-growing organization in machinery manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry. With unmatched quality and innovation, we are the leaders in the industry for delivering high quality products with prompt customer service. Having served this industry for over 40 years, we are one of the leading suppliers of tablets and capsule printing, tube filling and sealing, and pharmaceutical packaging and will further consolidate Parle’s position in the market in the coming years.


Parle is a reliable and dedicated partner for our customers and exceeding their expectations through innovation, quality, and continued customer support.

DJA® is a production technology based trading company with a global network of connections, customers and vendors which facilitate the global purchase, sale and service of various manufacturing equipment, machineries and even machinery plants.

Our Mission

To provide facilities, machineries, equipment and production technologies to our customers (manufacturers) in the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico and South America, including Brazil. Our goal is to create opportunities for U.S. customers and vendors to expand overseas through our global network.

We consult with customers and propose the best equipment and services to match their needs. We gather production and machine technology information in consideration of the quality, performance, cost, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness from our network of global resources.

Our Activities

  • Importer of equipment and machineries from Japan and India
  • Sales and after-service of the imported equipment and machineries
  • Locate cutting-edge equipment, machineries and production technology in the U.S.A. and Canada
  • Develop market, especially in Japan and Asia, and export, sales and set up services locally
  • Sales and services of facilities, machineries and plant equipment to companies from Asia, especially Japan, who are expanding their business in North or South America

Core Competence

Our people, with a wide range of technology knowledge, who are capable of consulting customers about the equipment and machinery they need.

  • Wide-reaching connections to global equipment manufacturers and technology companies.
  • We purchase and sell globally through our own network, our customers and our vendors.
  • We are a total solution provider of machinery, applications and process technology, including after-sales.