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Flow Sciences

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AboutFlow Sciences

For over 30 years our mantra has remained steadfast, Our Highest Quality Ensures Your Excellent Results.

Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) designs and manufactures containment solutions. Our commitment to safety, performance, and superior engineering quality and service is unmatched. The Flow Sciences Team is known as world leaders in containment solutions.

During the 1990s, Flow Sciences pioneered Vented Balance Safety Enclosures (VBSE™) which introduced the first independent fan exhaust system to isolate vibrations for balance accuracy. By incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Flow Sciences refined the process and enlarged the enclosures, presenting product protection through framed enclosure solutions.

Engineering and Consulting firms’ involvement in Pharma and Biopharma projects continues to grow every year. For these projects, the ability to provide efficient safety protocols continues to be in high demand.

Versatility and flexibility are key to the most successful pharma and biopharma companies, which is why so many of the top design and engineering firms choose Flow Sciences as their trusted containment provider.

Flow Sciences takes reproducibility seriously and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified in production quality. Every unique unit receives factory acceptance testing before leaving the facility. New enclosures and systems are being created every day to house the latest and most advanced equipment on the market.

With products ranging from convertible enclosures for different API toxicity levels to enclosures designed for specific tasks and equipment (e.g. Malvern, Mettler, Sympatec, Carver Press), Flow Sciences has the engineering and production capability to provide solutions throughout the entire manufacturing space.