Holland Applied Technologies, Inc

Holland Applied Technologies, Inc

7050 High Grove BlvdBurr Ridge, IL 60527

AboutHolland Applied Technologies, Inc

Founded in 1903, Holland provides a broad array of products and services to the hygienic process industry including sanitary process components, custom sanitary components and sanitary/high purity process skids and modules. Our markets served include the biotech, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, personal care products and other high purity industries. We currently are, and always have been management owned.

Our corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are in Burr Ridge, IL. We also maintain a sales offices in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our Values

Five values are used as a basis for operating our business. These are listed below along with some points detailing how we implement these values.


  • Delivering high quality products and services is our number one responsibility. We have developed quality procedures that address every facet of our business. We have continually reinvested in our business, resulting in quality tools unsurpassed in our industry.
    • Material Control: Inbound raw materials and subassemblies undergo alloy analysis.
    • Inspection: Inspections are performed and documented throughout the manufacturing process.
    • Dedicated Equipment: Only 304/316L stainless steel and more noble alloys are machined, formed, welded and polished in our facility.
    • Environmental Control: The HAT facility is climate controlled year round to ensure a clean work environment. All mechanical polishing is performed in a contained area, ensuring cleanliness and integrity of the overall system.

Ease of doing business:

  • Too often today, conducting simple business transactions has become too hard. We work at improving customer service every day.
    • We are accessible. If the person you are trying to contact is unavailable, your call is automatically routed to a receptionist who will find that person or reroute your call to someone who can help you.
    • We have an emergency number to call to access Holland personnel during off hours.
    • We have account specific dedicated sales teams. If your account manager is unavailable, there will be other team members available that are familiar with your account and can react to your needs in a timely and competent manner.

Technical Competency:

  • We stay at the forefront of our industrys technology, enabling us to offer customers the most advanced products and services available.
    • Superior product knowledge: Combined, our sales staff has over 100 years of experience in the sanitary process industry.
    • Ongoing training: We conduct regular in house product training.
    • Investment in resources: We have a state of the art, secure computer network that creates a host of efficiencies; including vaulted document management, on-line material certifications and a broad array of electronic application tools to assist in proper equipment selection and sizing.


  • We keep our commitments.
    • We go to great length to meet quoted lead times. If we are unable to meet a quoted lead time, we will contact you and inform you of the status of your order. We will keep you updated if status changes.
    • If we error, we fix our mistakes with passion.

Rapid Continuous Improvement:

  • We look for ways to remove waste, improve productivity and continually improve service. We work together at all levels in the company to attend to a problem or improve a process.

Holland Mission Statement

  • To meet and exceed our customers' expectations for quality, service, and technical support.
  • To treat each customer as we would like to be treated.
  • To constantly be aware of our customers' needs. To attain a level of excellence in providing superior products to satisfy these needs.
  • To maintain 'ownership' of our products long after title passes to the customer. Our personal commitment is our hallmark.
  • To seek out and hire people capable and committed to attaining our levels of excellence.
  • To maintain a healthy financial status and invest in resources that support our staff and facility. Furthermore, to provide a healthy workplace that encourages personal growth, creativity, energy, imagination, education, and opportunities.
  • To identify ourselves only with products that clearly are the best for our customers. To apply these products properly.
  • To operate our business with dignity and integrity.