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More than 20 years manufacturing solutions

We are a company specialized in the design and supply of boiler making equipment, industrial installations, process plants and turnkey equipment. More than two decades providing comprehensive solutions to the industry, with special attention to sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.



Without a doubt, one of the sectors for which InoxTorres is most committed is the Pharmaceutical sector. The quality of our equipment, together with the knowledge of the most demanding regulations in the sector, mean that in the last decade our pharma client portfolio has experienced a great increase. We are aware of the importance of a perfect finish on the equipment, documentation according to user requirements, traceable and of the highest quality, as well as the use of new technologies for 3D design.

InoxTorres not only offers equipment adapted to the particular needs of the pharmaceutical sector, but we also support our clients in validating their processes.

Our equipment is accompanied by a Quality Dossier that allows rigorous knowledge of the traceability of the materials and components used, the manufacturing procedures, and the applied design standards.In addition, we document and run tests on the equipment to ensure that the required level of quality is achieved, and we collaborate with our customers to carry out additional tests.