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MICROLIT has come a long way since its inception in 1991. Over time, our strong team of product design engineers have launched a remarkable range of liquid handling instruments that is known for its accuracy and precision. Today, Microlit is especially regarded for its market-leading innovation in bottle top dispensing technology and its incredible customer service. In 2018, Microlit USA was launched to bring this innovation and exceptional service to labs in the western market.

Key Facts

What sets us apart, by the numbers

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Why Microlit?


Unlike most other lab equipment suppliers in the US, Microlit is a manufacturer with world-class manufacturingfacilities and calibration laboratories in India. This enables us to provide great prices for high quality products and couple that with strong technical support due to in-depth product knowledge.


Microlit develops and designs innovative lab instruments for leading labs of the world. Our recent innovation is the Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser which has been awarded US and EU patents for enabling convenient liquid handling in the lab. Microlit’s products have also been awarded with various coveted design awards worldwide.


We pride ourselves on our dependable customer service and support. We really stand by our products and provide the best solution for liquid handling requirements in the lab.

Blending the Best of Inspiration, Innovation and Experience

We design and develop high precision liquid handling instruments for leading laboratories of the world. Our product range includes Bottle Top Dispensers, Electronic Burettes, Micropipettes, Miniature Micropipettes and Electronic Pipette Filling Instruments including accessories like Stands and Tips for Micropipettes. We have nurtured a passion for innovation and precision since 1991. With a trusted network of consumers in 65 countries, we are recognised as a respected and dependable brand in the healthcare and life sciences industry worldwide.