Pervatech BV

Pervatech BV

Heliumstraat 11 7463PL Rijssen The Netherlands

AboutPervatech BV


Pervatech produces cutting edge membranes, membrane modules and test systems for pervaporation, vapour permeation and gas separation applications.

Located in Rijssen, the Netherlands close to the University of Twente, our highly motivated team works closely together with customers all over the world to find solutions for demanding separation processes where our technology has substantial advantages over existing solutions.

The company ’s  core activities are the development, production and  marketing & sales of ceramic membranes for both hydrophilic and organophilic separation processes. Scientific co-operation with leading Universities and Institutions, both nationally and abroad secures today’s and tomorrow’s ceramic membranes with superior characteristics.

Our products are increasingly used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications include:

Our membranes are stable in water at high temperatures, in (a)protic solvents and in the presence of acids and can be used both in stand-alone solutions and in add-on hybrid systems.