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Company history

RIGGTEK GmbH, Dissolution Test Systems emerged from the private company DISTEK Dissolution Test Systems, founded in 1996 by Dipl. Ing. Hansjürgen Riggenmann. In the course of the name change of the family business in 2007, RIGGTEK GmbH was replaced by Dipl.Oec.Troph.Univ. Martina Riggenmann and Andreas Singer founded, Hansjürgen Riggenmann withdrew from the operative business and since then has been supporting the company RIGGTEK as an advisory board member. Since 2010 Dipl.Ing. Thomas Riggenmann and Andreas Singer founded RIGGTEK GmbH.

Originally with experience from High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and from pharmaceutical quality testing technology, we now focus on the area of ​​pharmaceutical drug release of solid and semi-solid dosage forms.

We have been on the market with the dissolution medium filling station DissoPrep X8® (8 liter version - until 08/2008 DosaPrep X8 and OEM versions DissoFill, DisPrep 100 ) since 1996. The 15 liter version DissoPrep X15®, the dissolution autosampler Sampilio® and the dissolution tester easyDISS® followed later.


In the field of tablet dissolution tests, our in-house developments are products that combine innovation, reliability, smart features and user-friendliness in a unique way! That's why our customers include many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. 

With our innovative DissoPrep®, we have been the leading provider of dissolution medium filling stations worldwide for over 20 years.