Strada Cotiturii 5, București 010885, Romania


RONEXPRIM is a constant presence on the Romanian market of measuring and control equipment, analytical laboratory equipment and electronic weighing equipment, since 1991, when it started to act as Agency and Service of the Dutch company Philips.

Since then, we have permanently expanded the range of products offered, in order to satisfy the demands of the market, while keeping the defining note of the main areas we operate.

Our external suppliers are world-renowned manufacturers, leaders in the fields they operate in (see Partners page), so the equipment and services we offer you are among the most modern and best in the world.

Our main activity is the trade of professional measurement and control equipment, calibrators, equipment for material characterization, analytical laboratory equipment: electronic microscopes, spectrometers and diffractometers, equipment for electrochemistry, equipment for physico-chemical analysis, process monitoring systems , sample preparation systems, systems and equipment for weighing and dosing, automation elements, certified reference materials, as well as the provision of installation, service and maintenance services for the equipment we provide, technical consultancy, import, distribution, integrator in equipment supply contracts.

The declared purpose of RONEXPRIM SRL is to develop the activity carried out in the 30 years of its existence on the Romanian market, to adapt the activity to the current economic conditions, so as to ensure the long-term success of our activity, the satisfaction of customer requirements and the creation of advantages for company, for employees and for all partners.


RONEXPRIM has proposed to contribute to the promotion on the Romanian market of some products and services at the level of European requirements and to the development of a normal business environment, based on trust and mutual respect. In this sense, we aim to always offer you competitive and quality products that satisfy your requirements.

We guarantee that you will always receive the most appropriate solutions to your requests, with maximum promptness and even complete turnkey solutions, if you need them.

Our main motto is to offer performance in everything we do, so that we have all satisfied customers.


We are animated by respect for all business partners and we want to be of real support to clients, through the technical experience accumulated by our specialists and through the professionalism of our equipment and services.

One of our assets on the Romanian market is the trust capital that we have acquired during our entire activity, both from customers and from producers, capital that we strive to maintain and develop.

We believe that the best business is the one in which all partners win and are satisfied, so that they will be happy to collaborate with us again.

However, we consider that no task is so important as to endanger the health, safety of people or the environment, and if, during the course of the activity, a situation arises that contains such risks, we will try to solve it without we make compromises in this regard.


Our products and services are addressed to a wide segment of the market containing universities and research institutes in the fields of biomedical, pharmaceutical, microbiology, molecular biology, metallurgy, construction materials, chemistry and petrochemicals, electrotechnics and energy, environmental monitoring and geological laboratories , metrologists, the army, institutions and companies for environmental protection and water quality, the food industry, transport companies, industrial producers of cement, ceramics, glass, metallurgy, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemistry, pesticides, paints, natural persons, etc. .