Shenzhen RJC industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen RJC industrial Co., Ltd.

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AboutShenzhen RJC industrial Co., Ltd.

In 2002, in order to establish a mold company with widely recognized design and manufacturing services, dedicated and experienced mold manufacturers and engineers established RJC’ factory in Shenzhen.

After years of hard work, RJC has grown into one of the most reputable mold manufacturers, providing services to many of the most important companies in the world.

In addition, RJC provides first-class injection molding and OEM solutions for global customers. We look forward to participating in the success of your following projects.

RJC’s team is composed of highly skilled engineers/designers and experts who have many years of experience and rich knowledge in providing the most comprehensive and capable range of services we require.


  • Provide value with exceeding expectation and a one-stop excellent service provider, exceeding customers’ expectation
  • Embracing continuous improvement, create and fulfill market needs
  • Create a highly recognized company image and brand recognition
  • Establish an excellent company culture, enhance a harmonious enterprise working condition