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AboutVyair (UK) Ltd

When you think of clean water, you may think that here in the UK we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and just turn on the tap. However, it is somewhat more complicated than that. Let’s think about how vital water is as a fundamental need to both human kind and industry being able to sustain themselves, and the global impact that can be aided by having a healthy water supply.

Vyair believe that clean, purified water for drinking and bathing should be available to everyone. We are an innovative and forward-thinking, company that strive to have a positive impact. The United Kingdom mains water is among the best public-supplied water in the world. However, like other countries and regions of the world, it still unfortunately supplied with additives from water companies or contaminated with pollutants after leaving them. Popular examples of this include chlorine and fluorides that are added to disinfect or treat water supplies, or nitrates, metals and other grey water pollutants that dissolve into the water from surrounding agriculture and industry.

Even though chlorine is a highly effective disinfectant, it is not adequate for the human body. Even our most basic filters can remove chlorine from your drinking and bathing water, alone improving your health and well-being. In many countries clean and purified water is not available, and so they rely on making and selling purified water within bottles. A common misconception is all bottled water is produced via beautiful, natural springs. The reality is that a huge proportion is produced in carefully controlled factory environments to then be bottled and sold world wide.

Grey water can accumulate to be up to 80% of a households water source. This comes from baths, showers, washing machines, sinks and dishwashers. Any water coming into contact with human waste through toilets is known as black water. Grey water can also be produced from manufacturing and agricultural processes or other industries that use high volumes of water to support operations. Because of this, water treatment companies are required to re treat the same water on a regular basis.

Vyair are committed to offering a wide variety of top quality, certified and rigorously tested products to meet your requirements. For applications spanning from the kitchen and household, to large scale industrial, medical and ecological processes, also supporting the service sectors. Our aim, to reduce the impact that grey water has on our environment and the plastic waste that has built up on a global scale. We are passionate about water, sustainability, and people. Meaning, our team is here to answer any and all of your questions regarding how we can improve the quality of your water whilst reducing your carbon footprint, and give longevity to home appliances or tools within your trade to increase your personal sustainability. We also offer services within designing water treatment systems that require a bespoke touch, as well as complimentary technical support, repairs and customer support throughout your process with us.

This introduction barely touches the surface of the importance of filtering water, and the demand for producing long-term solutions. It only begins the conversation on the importance of striving for global innovation within such a vital industry.