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Isuta (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the leading critical environment and packaging solutions provider, manufacturing and distributing CE and packaging products.

Cleanroom solutions

Cleanroom Facemasks

CleanFit CFM-100 Cleanroom facemasks are made of polypropylene. Cleanroom facemasks have low particle PU ear loop/head loop and 4 polypropylene ties. These cleanroom facemasks offer high filtration efficiency. Good breathability is maintained in cleanroom facemasks.

Cleanroom Shoes

Cleanroom shoes are designed for use in clean environment. Produced from PVC material cleanroom shoes are washable. Cleanroom shoes are non dirt trapping and anti slip. Extra ventilation holes in cleanroom shoes provide additional comfort. Cleanroom shoes offer a combination of design and comfort. These cleanroom shoes provide good sole surface resistivity.

Cleanroom Consumables

Cleanroom consumables include shoe cover and sticky mat. These Cleanroom consumables enhance cleanliness of the manufacturing environment.

Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom garments include CLEANFIT and CLEANPURE products. Cleanroom garments are intended for use in medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Cleanroom Wipes

CleanFit PuriDry is a cleanroom wipe for multiple cleaning purposes. Superior absorbency and low contamination is achieved through PuriDry cleanroom wipe. Cleanroom wipes are specially designed for cleaning aqueous spills. Extensive applications of cleanroom wipes include cleaning precision equipment and lab apparatus. Strict quality standards are followed while producing cleanroom wipes.

Ultra Clean Processing Services

Ultra clean processing services ensure proper garment decontamination. A vertical laminar flow cleanroom is used for ultra clean processing services. Ultra clean processing services have QC-QA facility. R.O. system and D.I. water plant are provided for ultra clean processing service.

Vacuum Formed Trays

Vacuum formed trays are of high quality and economical. Vacuum formed trays can also be custom made to applications. Conductive vacuum formed tray feature excellent thermal conduction. Vacuum formed trays find application in semiconductors. Product visibility is enhanced in vacuum formed tray. Physical and static protection is ensured with vacuum formed trays.

Other products manufactured by Isuta include:

    Protective Packaging
    Paper Products
    Industrial Packaging
    Stamping Products
    Rubber Moulded Products
    Cleanroom Gloves


PP Corrugated

PP Corrugated is produced from polypropylene block copolymer. Applications of PP Corrugated include packaging, advertising and many more. PP Corrugated can be custom made to specification. PP Corrugated is available in various colours, sizes and thickness. PP corrugated is water resistant, easy-to-use and recyclable.

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