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Key Products : Saline and Seawater Nasal Sprays, Medical Adhesive Remover Sprays

Aurena Laboratories AB is the leading expert in bag-on-valve and medical device packaging technology. With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, Aurena prides itself on being collaborative, innovative, humble and caring, developing creative solutions for its clients.

We are a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and contact development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) aimed to offer a complete range of services to put your product into market in modern bag-on-valve technology. Starting from product design, development, packaging, manufacturing and more, our range of registered and approved products offer an optimal solution for your brand and consumer.

We are trustworthy, reliable partners with a collaborative and innovative approach to doing business. With Scandinavian roots, we will always demonstrate kindness, respect and take great care to protect our customer relationships.

Starting with product development, right through to packaging and certification, Aurena is the number one choice for medical device packaging.

Aurena can collaborate to bring your medical bag-on-valve aerosols to the market.

Saline Nebuliser Solution

Saline nebuliser solution is manufactured to clear mucus in the lower respiratory tract. This saline nebuliser solution is especially valuable for patients with persistent mucus accumulation, as in cases of acute bronchiolitis, cystic fibrosis, COPD and bronchiectasis.

The hypertonic saline nebuliser solution can be contact manufactured by Aurena Laboratories, with a private label or own brand label agreement, in bag-on-valve aerosol technology.

Bag-on-Valve Technology

Bag-on-valve technology (BOV) aerosol is a superior spray dispensing system, with modern packaging that improves products in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, occupational safety, cosmetic, or food. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology (and other alternative packaging), BOV has several benefits, for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

  • Up to 100% product emptying
  • Longer shelf life with less preservatives
  • Even and controlled spraying pattern at any angle
  • No pumping motion needed
  • Fully recyclable
  • Suitable for both liquid and viscous products
  • No need for flammable propellants
  • Hygienic and sterilisable
  • Used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen

Ear, Nose and Throat Products

Saline and Seawater Nasal Sprays

Saline and seawater nasal sprays manufactured from Aurena restores moisture to nasal passages irritated by colds or allergies, dryness, pollution, and overuse of nasal decongestants. Saline and seawater nasal sprays also provide mechanical cleansing of the nasal cavity from excess mucus, dust, pollutants and allergens in a natural, non-harmful way.

Aurena offers contract manufacturing and development for a range of saline and seawater nasal sprays using bag-on-valve spray technology. The products are formulated with sterile saline solution (isotonic and hypertonic), sterile sea salt solution (isotonic and hypertonic) and natural sea water (isotonic and hypertonic).

Throat Sprays

Throat Sprays are manufactured with innovative bag-on-valve packaging to soothe and prevent sore throat symptoms due to colds or allergies. The spray produces a mechanical washing effect of the tissues in mouth and throat, alleviating swelling and congestion of the mucus membrane and washing off excess mucus.

Wound & Skin Care Products

Wound Cleansing / Irrigation Sprays

Wound cleansing and irrigation spray in sterile saline solution helps to remove foreign bodies and reduces the number of pathogens in a wound.

Medical Adhesive Remover Sprays

Medical adhesive remover sprays manufactured from Aurena are formulated using modern no-sting silicones which make the removal of medical adhesives quick and painless. Just spray around the edge of the adhesive and wait a few seconds.

Diabetic Foot Spray

The Diabetic foot spray is an innovative first-of-its-kind spray in bag-on-valve spray technology provides an emollient barrier that protects chapped, dry and cracked feet in diabetic patients.

The diabetic foot wound spray reduces water loss from the skin surface, keeping skin smooth and pliable. Since the product is a bag-on-valve spray, there is no need to rub the product on to the skin. Broken and chafed skin may therefore be treated without touching the skin, potentially reducing discomfort and minimizing the risk for transmitting irritants and/or bacteria.

First Aid Products

Eye Wash Sprays

The saline eye wash spray is a hand-held emergency eye wash used for occupational safety and first aid applications. The bag-on-valve portable package makes it the perfect choice when a piped eye wash station is not possible.

Wound and Eye Wash Sprays

Wound and eye wash spray is manufactured to rinse and cleanse dust and dirt from wounds and eyes.

The innovative wound and eye wash spray manufactured from Aurena Laboratories supports wound healing with an isotonic saline solution, which mechanically removes foreign bodies, reduces pathogens, as well as blood, clot and dead tissue, while moistening the tissue.

Sterile Medical Device Products

Sterile alcohol spray is used for general purpose disinfection of surfaces and equipment in clean rooms and other critical environments.

Aurena is a clean room manufacturer of a contamination control product in bag-on-valve. This sterile alcohol spray contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, ethanol or denatured ethanol and is easily sprayed on machinery and surfaces for disinfection purposes.

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