Contract Research Organisations

A contract research organization, usually referred to as CRO, is an organization hired by a company in the medical field to manage the company's clinical trials and perform other tasks to help bring a drug or device to the market.

Services such as biologic assay development, pre clinical research and clinical research, biopharmaceutical development, commercialization, pharmacovigilance, and clinical trials management may be provided by a CRO.

The Contract Research Organization are designed to lessen costs for companies developing novel medicines and drugs in niche markets. They intend to simplify entry into drug markets, and simplify development as the need for huge pharmaceutical companies to do everything "in house" is now unnecessary. Besides, governmental organizations the CROs also support foundations, research universities and research institutions. Most of the CRO's particularly provide clinical-study and clinical-trial support for drugs and/or medical devices. CRO's range from large, international full-service organizations to small, niche specialty groups.

The CRO's that focus in clinical-trial services can provide their clients the expertise of moving a novel drug or device from its conception to FDA/EMA marketing approval, without the drug sponsor having to maintain a staff for these services. Though the lines between pharma companies and CROs are blurry, Contract research organizations usually provide support to biopharma companies and medical device companies, aid in running clinical trials, and also developing and submitting regulatory filings.

Below is a list of Contract Research Organisations:

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