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Category : Contract Services

Key Products : Analytical instruments, Formulation and Cycle Development

Freeze drying experts BTL announce new cytotoxic capability

Freeze drying experts BTL announce new cytotoxic capability With the construction of a new standalone cytotoxics laboratory, UK-based BTL are now able to provide R&D services in freeze drying for cytotoxic products. Cytotoxic therapies are drugs that work by preventing the rapid growth and division of cells. This makes them particularly useful against cancers with high growth factors such as acute leukemias and lymphomas. However, their effects are not specific to tumours. Normal cells can also be damaged both in patients and anyone else exposed, such as healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians. Cytotoxics are highly potent which means that throughout their development and production journey from R&D to actual administration there is a constant need for secure handling.