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Established in 1950, Regina Industries Ltd specializes in producing high quality products using plastic injection moulding and first quality pharmaceutical glass manufacture. Even though our roots may lie within test tubes and vials our catalogue is ever-expanding. Not only that, we can also produce complex tooling for the creation of custom and bespoke moulded components for our clients.

We always strive to provide excellent customer service and offer a wide range of products across a number of sectors. Spanning 60 years, Regina has acquired a range of products that service industries within virtually every manufacturing area. Founder, Mr. Gerhard Schuller has family history in the glassmaking industry on a worldwide scale as his father W. Schuller invented the world renowned Schuller Up drawing process for the manufacturing of glass tubing.

Our company was founded upon the manufacture of glass and associated laboratory articles such as Test Tubes and Vials. Today our focus in this sector is on plastic laboratory products although still maintaining our glass tubular container production.

Plastics for blood collection systems, test tubes and containers for genetic research are but a few of our product lines. Development of custom products for this sector is another service we can provide.

Flat Bottom Tubes - Glass

We offer a range of Flat Bottom Test tubes suitable for the Laboratory sector. Our flat bottom test tubes are made from machine drawn, uniform thickness, low expansion borosilicate glass tubing.

All glass components are produced using only the highest quality pharmaceutical tubing. Glass components are also fully lehr annealed prior to inspection and packing. Standard test tubes are produced in accordance to the ISO4142 standard.

Flat Bottom Tubes - Plastic

Plastic tubes used in various applications within the laboratory sector in particular Genetic research.

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