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PRTM is a global strategic management consulting firm that, since 1976, has been transforming how companies operate. PRTM helps its clients use their business operations as a powerful driver of business strategy and as a critical source of lasting competitive advantage.


The firm is a leader in operational strategy, product development innovation and strategy, supply chain innovation and strategy, and customer experience innovation. PRTM's consulting style is to work on-site-closely, with senior client executives-to develop and implement innovative operational strategies that deliver breakthrough results. (PRTM's client repeat rate is higher than 90%.) Differentiating itself from other global strategic management consulting firms, PRTM focuses on both strategy formulation and execution.



PRTM has over 30 years of deep experience in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, and telecommunications. In an increasingly complex environment for health care industries, PRTM provides winning strategies for: industry consolidation, globalization of R&D, cost optimization, increased clinical and regulatory scrutiny, downward price pressures, productivity improvement, product pipeline gaps, sales and marketing effectiveness, and competition for new licensing opportunities. PRTM provides bold recommendations to drive growth, boost profitability, and develop market leadership-even transcending challenging economic times such as these.



The firm is consistently ranked as one of the "The Ten Best Consulting Firms to Work For" by Consulting Magazine. PRTM recruits and retains the best people to help clients.



PRTM has significant experience in product development innovation and strategy and supply chain innovation and strategy. The company has developed the Product and Cycle-Time Excellence (PACE) framework, which provides a multidisciplinary approach to product development innovation. This framework has been well-established across multiple industries as a best practice. PRTM has also led the development of the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) and helped to establish the Supply-Chain Council. This model of supply chain innovation and strategy has become a cross-industry standard and helps companies regularly respond to ever-changing market conditions faster and more effectively.



In addition, PRTM conducts industry benchmarking studies around the world, including dozens for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and health care sectors. PRTM also publishes PRTM Insight quarterly and white papers to promote new ideas and challenge conventional thinking on important business topics.



A winning operational strategy translates high-level direction into new operational realities-creating a strategic competitive advantage in the process-and finds new ways of creating breakthrough top-line growth, earnings, and valuations. PRTM's operational strategy experience focuses on five essential ingredients: (1) transforming market forces into operational advantage, (2) excelling in one major area, (3) thinking end-to-end, continuously, and horizontally, (4) driving innovation in operations and business models and, (5) executing relentlessly. As a global strategic management consulting firm, PRTM develops operational strategies such as:



  • Capital asset strategy and management
  • Change management
  • Mergers and acquisitions (strategy, due diligence, integration)
  • Operational organization design
  • Operational strategy formulation and implementation
  • Regulatory strategies
  • Functional strategies



Its unique product development innovation and strategy capabilities have made PRTM a leader among strategic management consulting firms. The company has delivered significant business value in hundreds of product development innovations and has driven companies to new levels of performance based on industry best practices. PRTM's product development innovation services include:



  • Cross-enterprise innovation management
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance
  • Product development/innovation operations
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) transformation
  • Product and service innovation
  • Product strategy and portfolio management
  • Productivity and strategic resource management
  • Project excellence
  • Technology and IP management



PRTM's supply chain innovation and strategy incorporates a continuous set of business standards that result in innovative approaches. This kind of innovation helps clients to enhance their existing capabilities and go beyond just saving a few pennies. PRTM's supply chain innovation services include:



  • Supply chain innovation and strategy
  • Supply chain scale and complexity management
  • Outsourcing and restructuring
  • Green supply chain
  • Supply chain design and network optimization
  • Supply chain organizational design
  • Supply chain systems implementation
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Strategic procurement
  • Supply chain benchmarking
  • Lean operations
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance



As a global strategic management consulting firm, PRTM's management consultants serve the following industry sectors worldwide:



  • Health care
  • Life sciences
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Communications and media
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics and computing
  • Energy and utilities
  • Financial services
  • Industrial
  • Private equity
  • Public sector
  • Software



PRTM has an outstanding record of achievement, particularly in driving tangible business results for health care and life sciences clients. PRTM's life sciences consulting services have been helping pharma, biotech, and medical devices and diagnostics companies around the world for over 30 years


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