Company : Laboratoria Smeets

Category : Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Intermediates

Key Products : API solubility Enhancement, Pharmaceutical Packaging Sachets

Laboratoria Smeets opens its third plant .

As the CMO business in the veterinary segment grows,  production capacity needed to be expanded. The new facility is going to be fully  GMP+ certified. It is build for blending  and packaging pharmaceutical powders with latest technology.  At the same time, the capacity of the lab facilities was increased.

Twin screw extrusion-granulation technology for API solubility.

Poorly soluble drugs present a challenge : no matter how potent the active ingredient, there can be problems of incomplete absorption and low bioavailability. The recipients are thus unlikely to benefit from the full clinical effect. This is particularly the case for medicines belonging to class II (poorly soluble, highly permeable) and class IV (poorly soluble, poorly permeable) of the biological classification system. Where such drugs are administered via drinking water, only a small proportion of the active ingredient is released : tests have shown figures as low as 15 %.

In response to this situation, Laboratoria Smeets has pioneered its latest technology. In collaboration with Ghent University, the Belgian pharmaceutical powders company has developed a granulation technique for converting poorly soluble drugs into highly soluble granules. The granules can be used for direct dissolution or for tablet manufacturing.

The benefits are obvious : high solubility leads to a swift release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which in turn increases bioavailability. It is beneficial for ecotoxicity, as less API is wasted. For applications of administering API’s through drinking water (veterinary medicine), the advantages are also clear and very tangible.

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