Company : Laboratoria Smeets

Category : Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Intermediates

Key Products : API solubility Enhancement, Pharmaceutical Packaging Sachets

Ekicart®: Clinical Case Study for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Horses

Ekicart®: Clinical Case Study for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Horses

Ekicart® is a powder form treatment for osteoarthritis in horses, developed by LaboratoriaSmeetsand marketed by Anicur. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic degenerative joint diseasewhereby protective cartilage is lost. OA causes pain and a functional movement disorder.

Canicart®: Clinical Case Study for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Adult Dog

Canicart® contains metabolizable amino acids and was administered in the food for two months. At the end the dog recovered his normal mobility. The parameters where he scored badly upon intake and that were closely followed, all greatly improved. Only Canicart® is responsible for the physical recovery, as no NSAIDs or other anti-inflammatory drugs were administered.

New product developed by Laboratoria Smeets for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Clinical case study for Afghan Hound

Khallis Y-Shirvan is an Afghan hound of thirteen months old and weighing 33 kg. At the age of three months, he had a very stable forehand. At the age of six months and three weeks, he is the owner returned to the breeder,, with a very weak, unstable forehand (meager, elbows and feet inwards and outwards narrow in the chest).


A development of Laboratoria Smeets for treatment of osteoarthritis has been used in Australia for a dressage horse by Lord Louise. The product is marketed by Anicur.

Finean is a dressage horse of sixteen years and weighs 700 kg. In the class Light Horse, he has been very successful by winning the championship of Western Australia three years in a row. X-rays showed the presence of osteoarthritis in the knee, jump and ball and socket joints. The higher movements caused pain in the left hock joint. Can Ekicart ® provide an improvement in the clinical signs of arthritis, a chronic degenerative disease of the joints?