Company : Sri Pharmacare

Category : Pharmaceutical Formulations

Key Products : Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules

One of the most prominent entities in its area of operation, Sri Pharmacare is involved in manufacture & export of quality and effective Pharmaceutical Drug Formulations. Sri Pharmacare is a quality driven and progressive organization completely dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Sri Pharmacare develops pharmaceutical formulations and produces Tablets, Capsules, Soft gelatin capsules, Injections, Syrups and liquids, Diagnostic test kits, and Veterinary products. With state of the art infrastructure and a team of highly qualified pharmacists, efficient technicians and skilled workers product quality is never left to chance. Laboratories equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment are best in the industry. The products are checked at every level to ensure complete flawlessness and customer satisfaction. The products under Sri Pharmacare’s sleeve are qualified and can be custom manufactured according to client requirement.



Tablets, Capsules & Soft gelatin capsules



Sri Pharmacare produces tablets, capsules and soft gelatin capsules under Therapeutic Group.



Diagnostic Test Kits



Diagnostic systems are important requirements for every individual or a clinical centre. Sri Pharma care readily develops and manufactures Rapid Diagnostic Pregnancy Kits, Rapid Diagnostic Cards Malaria Kits, Rapid Diagnostic Cards Diabetic Kits, Rapid Diagnostic TB Cards, Rapid Diagnostic HCV Cards and Rapid Diagnostic Troponin Cards.



Sri Pharmacare seeks to maintain a consistency in quality of products by adhering to stringent quality norms where attention is given to every minute detail in the course of production.  The Company is guided by one vision - Health for All.


Tablets Manufacturer

For treating basic ailments Sri Pharmacare manufactures tablets under Antidiabetic Range, Antifungal Range, Anti Ulcer Range, Antibacterial Range, Antihypertensive, Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic, Vitamin.

Capsule Manufacturer

Sri Pharmacare manufactures capsules for Antifungal Range, Anti Ulcer Range, Antibacterial Range, Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic range and Anticonvulsant range. Formulations like Itraconazole, Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Cefdinir, Diclofenac, Celecoxib and Phenytoin Sodium are well accepted in international markets.

Soft Gelatin Capsules

Vitamin-E, Vitamin-A, Cod-Liver-Oil, Carminative, Anti-Oxidant-Multi- Vitamin, Clotrimazole-Vaginal Suppositories, Lecithin with B-complex, Omega 3 capsules are manufactured under Soft Gelatin Capsules range.


Sri Pharmacare under high sterile conditions manufactures antibiotic injection and eye drop fluids. The range of injections is as follows; Amoxicillin Sodium inj., Ampicillin & Cloxacillin Inj., Ampicillin Sodium inj., Cefazolin Sodium inj., Cefoperazone inj., Ceftriaxone inj., Ceftazidime Inj., Cefuroxime, Sublactum + Cefoperazone, Amikacin Sulphate, Gentamycin, Chloroquine Phisphate, Artemether, Clindamycin, Diclofenac, Tramadol, Oxytocin, Ketamine and Vitamin B-Complex.

Veterinary Products

Sri Pharmacare has state of the art manufacturing unit for developing and producing comprehensive and active drugs for veterinary treatments. Under regular production Sri Pharmacare manufactures Albendazole (IP/ USP/ BP), Fenbendazole (BP), Triclabendazole, Diminazene Diaceturate, Oxfendazole (BP), Oxyclozanide (BP), Rafoxanide, and Praziquantel (USP). Sri Pharma also undertook tailor made vet formulations like Diminazene & Phenazone Sachets (2.36 Gm & 23.6gm), Isometamedium 1.25 Mg & 1gm Achets, Albendazole 150 Mg, 300 Mg, 1500 Mg, 3000 Mg Bolus, Tetramesole Tablets, Homidium Chloride / Bromide Tablets, Oxyclozanide Tablets and Multivitamin Mineral Feed mix. Veterinary products are also exported to Middle East, Far-east & Europe.

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Sri Pharmacare
205 Srishti Plaza Saki Vihar
Road Powai Mumbai
Maharashtra - 400 072
Phone : + 91 22 40151518 / 40151519
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