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Category : Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Key Products : Tablet Compressing Machine, Tablet Dies & Punches

Royal Artist is leading manufacturer of Single stroke tablet compressing machine. It's perfect place for top quality tabletting. Its product range includes tablet dies & punches, tablet compressing machines, engravers & spares and rotary dies & punches.

Tablet Compressing Machine

Tablet Compressing Machine is a device used for pharmacy, chemical, food, electrical metallurgy and other industries. Tablet compressing machines may be of single stroke, light duty and heavy duty. Tablet compressing machine is prepared with electric motor, starter, oilcan, bridge, funnel, feeder, screwdriver, spanner for pressure adjustment & Allen key etc. Tablet compressing machine compresses any kind of raw material into circular tablet, abnormal shaped tablet, graphical tablet, double sided letter tablet etc. Royal Artist excels in manufacturing tablet compressing machines. Its tablet compressing machines are available at reasonable prices. Tablet compressing machines are suitable for university labs, hospitals, drug stores and pharmaceutical R & D centers wherein large scale production is required.

Tablet Dies & Punches

Tablet Dies & Punches are devices having set of dies and punches which when pressed together form a hole in workpiece or deform workpiece in some desired manner. Chemical atmosphere, abrasive nature of product, turret speed, tonnage, cup depth, location of embossing, bisect land and physical condition of press are factors that go into selection of steel for manufacturing tablet dies & punches. Tablet dies & punches are available in various shapes like regular, irregular, core-rod tooling and sealed grove punch. Regular shapes of tablet dies & punches consists of round shapes dies & punches, capsule shapes dies & punches, oval shapes dies & punches and geometric shapes dies & punches. Irregular shaped tablet dies & punches produce tablets with different shapes like fruits, animals, parts of human body, vehicles etc. Irregular shaped tablet dies & punches are applicable in confectionery industries. Core-rod tooling shaped tablet dies & punches produce tablets having hole in center. Core-rod tablet dies & punches are applicable in confectionery and ceramic industries. Sealed grove punch shaped tablet dies & punches are used to prevent granule contamination during tabletting process.

Royal Artist is specialized in manufacturing tablet dies & punches. It is able to make tablet dies and punches as per customers’ requirement.

Engravers & Spares

Engravers & Spares are devices that are used to incise or carve design on to hard, flat surfaces by cutting groves. Engravers & spares cut material surface to predetermined depth and produces groove of same shape and dimension of cutter. Engravers & spares are used to incise tablets to desired shapes like round, oval etc. Royal Artist leads in production of engravers & spares.  It provides engravers & spares of different shapes and sizes. Its engravers & spares are available at lower rates.

Rotary Dies & Punches

Rotary Dies & Punches are machines used for producing tablets. Rotary dies & punches are available in many types and shapes. Core rod dies & punches, multi tip dies, odd shape tooling dies and round shape tooling dies and various types of rotary dies & punches. Fields like medicine research & development center and laboratories in pharmaceutical industry apply rotary dies & punches.

Royal Artist is leader in producing rotary dies & punches. It provides rotary dies & punches for various shapes & sizes. Its rotary dies & punches are durable and thus their usage is long lasting. Rotary dies & punches are available at competitive prices.

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